The Annual African Governance Days - (Journées Annuelles sur la Gouvernance en Afrique (JAGA)) respond to this need to construct spaces for sharing experiences and initiatives on governance in Africa and for forward-looking reflection on the continent’s future.

The goal of the Africa Horizon 2060 Initiative: Africa Regains Control of its Destiny is in fact to make this inter-African space for dialogue on governance an ongoing reality, and to give its reflection a depth in keeping with the immense challenges that African countries face and will continue to face in the coming decades.

To promote long-lasting changes to the system that are supported by all the actors involved, four conferences will be organised between 2012 and 2015. The goal of these conferences is not to produce yet another evaluation. Rather, their objective is to come up with concrete proposals and initiatives on the fundamental themes of governance, the economy and globalisation.

Conference July 9-12, 2012:

Governance is the art of a society inventing and implementing a way of managing itself. It is up to Africa to find its own path forward by taking the best of its traditions—re-examined in the light of 21st century challenges—and the best of international experience, freely interpreted by Africa itself and not imposed on the continent in the form of standards and conditions.

Conference, January 27-30,2014:

What Africa needs–and must provide for itself–is a system of production and trade that will at last allow it to benefit from the advantages of globalisation, yet also state its own ‘rules of the game’, rules that will allow it to protect its ecosystems, progressively develop its own competencies and production system and design its own system of sustainable development.

Nine proposals shall be discussed… —>

Conference 2017:

Globalisation in its current form raises questions and sometimes fears. Does it really represent an opportunity for African countries to industrialise and open new horizons for themselves? Or is it, on the contrary, a source of irremediable marginalisation for a continent incapable of ridding itself of its current mode of insertion, which is based on the export of raw materials?

Seven proposals shall be discussed… —>

Conference 2018:

Since the first 3 conferences focused on specific themes, the purpose of the fourth conference will be to summarise and assess the progress that has been made since the first meeting, and to draft probable scenarios for the continent’s development in the coming decades.

The conference will adopt an overall strategy to provide political support for the Africa Horizon 2060 initiative and guarantee its concrete translation in society.