Organisation of the conference

OrganisationReporting on work done in workshops


Each conference will last 4 days and will be organised as follows.

Day 1

  • Morning of the first day: Official opening and sharing in a plenary session on the Africa Horizon 2060 Initiative: objectives and methodology of the conference

  • Afternoon: opening of theme-based workshops

Day 2

  • Continuation of workshops

Day 3

  • Morning free: restitution and validation of proposals and conclusions in workshops

  • Afternoon: cultural visit

Day 4

  • Restitution in a plenary session

  • Official closing

See the final program : Conference Program


We are looking for interpreters for both the plenary sessions and workshops: French - Portuguese - English - Arab

Reporting on work done in workshops

To systematise the work done in each workshop and manage reporting, Desmodo software and inverted cards will be used to determine between 5 and 7 questions and main proposals for each section.

An editing group will be responsible for final drafts of the proposals before their restitution in the plenary session.

A complete report in English and French will then be put online and sent to participants.